Journey Through The Musical Tapestry Of Life

The soundtrack to your life, from joy to sorrow and everything in between 

I composed The Courage of Despair - A Tribute to the People of Ukraine originally as a piano solo. I have now created a symphonic version, The Courage of Despair Orchestral - Tribute to Ukraine, to evoke the emotion of the composition through the voice of a symphonic orchestra. This contempoary classical composition was a finalist in the International FMC-Film Music Contest, Bronze Metal winner in the Global Music Awards, and a finalist in the Intercontinental Music Awards.

Composed with a broken heart at the beginning of the war in Ukraine as I watched families desperately fleeing their homeland. Inspired by the courage of those that stayed behind to fight to preserve Ukraine's freedom and by the uplifting spirit of humanity the Ukrainians possess.

Paul Long’s songs for this album were composed over a span of thirty years from impactful moments in his life. Crafting a tapestry of music that is thought provoking, stirring to the emotions, and uplifting to the spirit. In the melody of each song a story is being told and in The Spectrum of Life you will hear your story being portrayed. Just as life is filled with different experiences that can evoke a range of thoughts and emotions The Spectrum of Life takes you on a journey with each song being a different destination, a unique sound chamber, and a special connection to your own experience.
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